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Measuring the Progress of Integration
DataCycles introduces a breakthrough progress measurement model that is superior to both in-house surveys and large, complex, and expensive consulting firms. By collecting and organizing only the information you really need, from the right people, as you need it, DataCycles can help your organization focus more of your talent and financial resources on:
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Tuning up and adjusting your business operations
  • Accelerating your integration objectives

The deal has closed. It's time to launch the integration plan. Learn how to tap the knowledge of each employee impacted by the acquisition to give you on course-off course guidance toward integration milestones.

DataCycles offers two solutions based on the size of the acquisition. For smaller acquisitions, we help you assess how effectively new employees are being integrated and uncover issues that may impact retention of key talent. For larger acquisitions, DataCycles manages on-going tracking to continually measure the rate of progress toward Sales, IT, and Operations integration goals.

Our post-acquisition measurement process answers key questions including:
  • Is there a productivity impact on newly acquired employees?
  • How do their prior expectations of the acquisition compare to their current reality?
  • How realistic are revenue goals? What are the key factors required to achieve them?
  • What are the challenges they see going forward?
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