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Measuring the Progress of HR Initiatives
By collecting and organizing only the information you really need, from the right people, as you need it, DataCycles can help your organization focus more of your talent and financial resources on:
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Tuning up and adjusting your employee engagement
  • Accelerating your culture change

DataCycles offers two high-value solutions that can help corporate HR leaders add tangible strategic value to their companies. DataCycles' Workplace Assessment and Culture Change progress measurement solutions depart from classic "template" survey approaches. Instead, a flexible and interactive web-based process inspires your employees to provide their observations and advice. These premier services visually map employee perceptions workgroup-by-workgroup. You will immediately discover what issues influence your corporate culture, drive productivity, and provide actionable feedback.

Organization Development solutions answer questions such as:
  • Do employees feel your company supports their best efforts?
  • What company actions inadvertently inhibit productivity or satisfaction?
  • What unique factors influence employee commitment and loyalty?
  • Do these factors vary among business units or functions?
  • Where is your change effort achieving earliest successes?
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