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Founded:  1998
Market Served:  Global Corporations
Launch Customer:  Cisco Systems, Inc.
Capitalization:   Venture Funded - Privately Held
Headquarters:   Mountain View, CA

Incorporated in 1998, DataCycles' research technologies and methods evolved from the aggregate experiences of a risk assessment consultancy focused on the year 2000 transition. By 2001, the company had packaged its services for a broader audience and took shape as a trusted provider of mission critical business process diagnostics for an elite group of Silicon Valley technology leaders.

Our product offerings have continually evolved. By partnering with companies that regularly address acquisition integration challenges, DataCycles has been able to share and advance the state of the art in providing actionable predictive insights to guide strategic change efforts. Today, we offer the most secure, flexible, and reliable approach that a corporation can follow in order to monitor, understand, and respond to economic or organizational change.

While our scalable system can gather data literally overnight for managers of globally distributed companies, what distinguishes DataCycles are our people. With expertise and experience in employee polling, data analysis and visualization, and change management, they share a common commitment to delivering actionable results and excellent customer service.

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