Research to Measure Change

Our Vision
We see change as an opportunity for innovation and value creation. Accordingly, we offer services that accelerate success of our customers' strategic change programs. We fulfill this through a research model that measures progress toward organizational development goals and helps predict business outcomes.

What We Do
We are experts at tapping the collective insight of employees across an enterprise. They report the cultural and operational factors they believe inhibit or facilitate change in their organizations, submitting those observations and advice to us for evaluation. Our neutrality and assurance of anonymity evokes amazing candor.

Behind the scenes, the information stream is interpreted as it arrives. By aggregating on-going observations and expectations of individuals in each work group we can provide real-time progress reports and predictions about likely outcomes of your change efforts.

Just-in-time course correction helps guide program tactics during the lifecycle of a change effort in order to accelerate outcome goals. So our clients are looking forward instead of reviewing what has already happened.


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